NFT # NON-Fungible Token

Cryptocurrencies are familiar to many. It all started with Bitcoin, and now are there non-fungible token (NFT) that are more tangible than just a simple cryptocurrency. Behind every NFT there is a person, a person, an artist, their own individual what inspires other people with his art.

Many artists and galleries are happy to share the success of the NFT with you.
 You can resell every purchased NFT for a profit.        

          Timeartdesign will soon introduce you to some NFTs that are new to the art market. Please be patient.
To give you a taste of just how important NFTs are, we have a video discovered for you.
Guggenheim Co-Founder Morley Is Building Largest NFT Museum. You can find the direct link here NFT Museums

A few sentences to ponder:

Can you morally justify  owning shares in well-known companies with the intention of profit when you later realise that the profit was only made by cutting jobs in the companies ?     
With NFT you have an investment that is clearly different from the big stock market world.   
Their profits do not destroy jobs, and destory livelihoods.
The greed of the individual is destroying this planet.
 We should invest more sustainably in things that strengthen us together, not divid us.
The gap between rich and poor has become too big, and it is getting bigger.

 Invest in NFT, and make the world a little better.We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.